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Fun Facts about Superman #1

Superman #1 had three printings.  The first was 500,000, the second was 250,000, and the third was 150,000.  All printings have a house ad for Action Comics #14 on the last interior page.  In the first edition, the ad reads "On Sale June 2nd".  In the third edition, the ad reads "On Sale Now".  It hasn't been determined which variation exists in the second edition.  Therefore, it's impossible to differentiate between a first and second edition of Superman #1! 

Here's another fun fact about Superman #1, stolen from David Bachman's apa mailings APA-I #63 and Interlac #103...

Superman #1 was not, in fact, Superman #1. It bore no number and no date (except a copy-right date), either on the cover, or in the indicia. More significantly, it bore no notice of second-class mail permit in its indicia, an item that must be carried by any publication that will be published periodically and sent to subscribers via second-class mail. The house ad in Action Comics #13 referred to it as "a big complete Superman book" rather than as a new title. And the house ad for Superman #2 in Action Comics #17 stated, "Your overwhelming approval of the first magazine has prompted us to publish this second one...." Cumulatively, these items convince me that the publication we refer to as Superman #1 was actually intended to be a one-shot publication. Its "overwhelming" success, then, apparently prompted two reactions by its publisher: (1) publication of a second printing, and (2) a decision to initiate a new quarterly title featuring only Superman stories.